Non-Member Band Directors

Not a member of MAC yet?

Have some questions?

Would you like to see the hand book and by-laws but are having trouble downloading them and need a copy mailed to you?


EMAIL Carman Dragone, MAC's executive director, for ANY questions you may have. If you want copies of literature mailed to you, including an invoice for dues payment, I can send it to you the next day.

MAC may be growing in size, but it is run by directors such as yourself. YOU  and your constituents have the FINAL say in every MAC decision. Don't let our size fool you. MAC can be the best thing for you, your parents and your kids.

As a member band director you do not have to attend each quarterly meeting unless you are a show host. Some directors like to have a direct say in things that go on and some choose to participate without coming to meetings, the choice is yours.

There are no gimmicks, directors truly run every aspect of the organization from top to bottom. We are not a corporate machine with huge budgets to fund. We are an organization of directors like yourself interested in music and pageantry.

We are interested in YOU and your students musical education, not your programs money.

We have some new surprises coming for this fall season, we would love for you to be a part of the growth and the emphasis on education.